All-In-One Solar Street Light

All-in-One Solar Street Lights refer to the latest generation of solar led street lights with the most compact design.  It integrated with solar panel, lithium batteries, controller, and led luminaire together into ONE unit, which makes it possible to ship a completed solar panel lights By Air at a lower cost and shorten the shipping time.  The main components of integrated solar street lights are connected during manufacturing, so there are no cables to run during installation.


SLD solar lighting focus on developing and manufacturing customized outdoor solar LED lighting systems for a wide range of lighting applications. We provide cost-effective, industry-leading, and proprietary solar lighting solutions for commercial, residential, and industrial solar lighting projects: 
Solar Street Lighting
Solar Highway Lighting
Solar Rural Way Lighting
Solar Pathway Lighting
Solar Parking Lot Lighting
Solar Security Lighting
Solar Park Lighting
Solar Area Lighting

Advanced Technology

As a leading innovator in the solar lighting industry. With the advantages of professional R&D team and scientific research, which made our products to be a leading technology.   Through the years of technical innovation and customer feedback, SLD has developed its patent technology on IOT smart control systems, auto cleaning systems. 

Solar Street Light With Auto-Cleaning System
The solar street light with auto cleaning system is an ideal outdoor lighting solution for urban and rural roads that are full of dust in the Air.   It adopts a high-quality PV panel and built-in rechargeable battery which can provide continuous power for light and cleaning system working even on cloudy days.

Solar Street Light With IoT Smart Control System
IoT-based smart led solar street lights equipped with the most advanced street lighting intelligent management system is a breakthrough innovation of Municipal Solar Street Lights.  Adopting the latest IoT( Internet of Things) technology, providing real-time monitoring of the solar lighting system work situation, realize remote centralized control. Its unique technological capabilities offer an exciting opportunity for building energy-efficient smart cities via integrating renewable energy, cloud-based data storage, and wireless GPRS/4G communication technology.

SLD offers different types of AIO solar street lights :

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