Led Solar Street Lights

Led Solar Street Lights

Smart Led Solar street lights are powered by renewable solar energy and are automatically turned ON in dark and OFF at dawn through the intelligent solar charge controller to detect the voltage change from the solar panel.  The solar-powered led street light consists of 5 core parts: solar panel, led light source, rechargeable battery, solar charge controller, and pole.  During the daytime, the controller is responsible for having the solar panel that works with a photovoltaic effect converts solar energy into electric energy and store it in batteries, then having battery discharge at night to light up the led street lamps for illumination purposes.   

The main advantage of led solar street lights is that it uses free power from the sun—renewable solar energy, every street light is powered by a stand-alone off-grid solar system, without needing to use utility power, you don’t need to trench for wiring during installation and no need to pay any electric bill in the lifespan of a solar lighting system. 

Inventive Led Solar Street Lights Manufacturer

SLD is a leading solar led street lights manufacturer and supplier of commercial led solar street lights, municipal solar led street lights, solar parking lot lights, solar flood lights, solar garden street lamps, solar garden lights, solar bollard lights, solar wall lights.  Our solar street lights factory in China adhere to CE, CB, Rohs, UL standards, and customers’ required standards. 

Our solar street light with pole and battery have been sold worldwide for a wide range of applications area on streets, highways, country roads, communities, industrial areas, parking lots, squares, parks, campuses, churches, military bases, refugee camps. 

SLD offers different types of solar street lights :

6mm 874

Smart All In One Led Solar Street Light

all in one solar street light with cctv camera 1 hp

Solar Led Street Light With CCTV Camera

ufo solar garden lights (2)

Solar Garden Light

all in three solar street light 150w 副本

All In Three Solar Powered Street Light

all in two comercial solar power streed light system

All In Two Solar Led Street Light


Integrated Solar Pole Light


The Ultimate Guide To Led Solar Street Lights


Chapter 1

What Is The Led Solar Street Light System?

The LED solar street light system refers to a set of stand-alone off-grid solar power systems, which power street lights for illumination.   As the led solar street lights are powered by solar energy and without the need for grid power, where there is sunlight there is solar power,  it is indeed not restricted by region and not affected by utility grid location, so led solar street lighting system is an excellent solution for remote rural areas where are short of grid power.  

Due to the power source from the sun being free and unlimited,  Solar powered led street lights do not consume commercial power so you do not need to pay any electric bill during the use of the solar street lighting system.  The solar led street light installation is very simple because you don’t have to excavate the road to lay electric cables.   The benefits of solar lights are extensive, especially for the roads that have been built, it is very convenient to add led solar street lights. 

Chapter 2

The Working Principle Of The Led Solar Street Light System

 The working principle of the led solar street light system is that, during the daytime, the solar panel gathers solar energy and converts it to electrical energy, then stored in batteries via a solar charge controller. In the evening, the controller detects the open-circuit voltage from the solar panel going down to 4.5V along with the sunlight illumination being gradually reduced to 10lux or less, then the controller acts battery to discharge to light up the led street lamp. 

Upon program completion, or detecting open-circuit voltage from the solar panel is above 4.5V, the controller switches the street light off automatically after 10-12 hours of work in the morning, then starts to charge the battery again for the next night lighting.

Chapter 3

Advantages Of Led Solar Street Light

1) Energy-saving and environmental-friendly

LED solar street lights are powered by solar energy which is renewable and clean. Unlike traditional street lights, this system will not cause any power loss. There are so many street lights on a road that the energy savings created by them cannot be neglected.  Solar energy is also inexhaustible and can be used wherever there is sunlight, and it does not cause pollution and harm during the conversion process, so solar-powered led street light is a more environmentally friendly solution.

2) Higher efficiency and long lifespan

Led solar street lights are efficient because they convert sunlight into electricity. LED technology provides brighter light and can result in a reduction of energy usage when used in solar street lights.

Compared with traditional lights, LED lights consume less energy while providing better illumination. The average lifespan of LED lights is 50,000 hours, so they tend not to fail. While the working time of traditional street lamps is between 5000 and 8000 hours, the failure rate is higher.

3) Easy installation and maintenance

There are a large number of circuits needed to build traditional street lights, and the operation requires a great deal of work. Fortunately, solar street lights require a single cement base and galvanized bolts to be fixed, so installation is easier.  As a result, the solar street light uses less manpower and costs less to build; it is also easier to maintain later on due to the simple structure.

4) Compared to traditional street lighting

In comparison to traditional street lights, solar street lights have the following advantages:

  • It is not necessary to run additional wiring during installation. Wiring is also expensive.
  • There is no electricity cost involved. Compared with traditional street lights, they save a lot of money in the long run.

Chapter 4

Solar Led Street Light Parts

The led solar street light fitting consists of five main parts, every part is necessory and influences solar street light complete set price.
Solar Panel
street solar led lights are primarily powered by solar panels, which convert solar energy into electricity to power the lamps. Polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar panels are commonly used in solar street lights. Mono-crystalline solar panels have a much higher conversion rate than poly-crystalline panels. They also come in different wattages, as you know, the different locations have different levels of sunshine, for example, 100W solar panels can produce more than 0.5KWH per day in Northern Nigeria, but only 0.35KWH in Guangzhou, China. 

Accordingly, the requested solar panel wattage for the same light is various in different locations. 

Yes, Most solar panels are made with crystalline silicon(mono or poly), but you can also make solar cells out of amorphous silicon, commonly known as thin-film silicon. The thin-film solar panel featured flexible and perfect for vertical integrated solar pole lights.

Light Fixture 
A led solar street light is usually illuminated with LEDs as the LED provides much greater brightness at lower power consumption, and light decay is lower. In traditional street light fixtures, LED fixtures to consume at least half as much energy as their HPS counterparts. In the past 5 years, the brightness of the completed led illuminator raised from 80lm/w to 180lm/w, while the single led chip reach 220lm/W.  Furthermore, LEDs do not need to warm up, so motion detectors can be used to gain further efficiencies. Besides, induction street lamps could be the second choice for the light source of solar street lighting systems.

A controller is a core part of the solar street light system just like the brain of a person. Its function automatically turns on and off the lights. Besides the controller protects the battery from over-charge and over-discharge. The updated special solar street light controller combined with boost constant current driver, so no need for an extra led driver for your led street light fixtures. The intelligent controller is programmable for timing dimming settings, or automatically setting power down as per the rest power in the batteries.  Some solar street lights with remotes can be programmed with the remote control.

Rechargeable Battery 
A rechargeable battery is an indispensable component of the battery-operated street lights. Solar panels generate electricity throughout the day, and batteries store that power to power the fixtures at night. Battery life is very important to the lifetime of the light, and its capacity will affect how long it can be used for backup. Typically, the traditional solar-powered street lights use two types of batteries: gel cell deep cycle batteries and lead-acid batteries at a  comparatively low price. 

Due to their compact size, light-weight, and long life cycles, lithium-ion batteries are widely used in the All-In-One type solar street light.  With the improvement of technology and the reduction of cost, LiFePO4 battery packages with big capacity are gradually used to replace the gel or lead-acid battery in the old solar street light project.

It is important to have a strong solar street lamp post, especially for solar street lights since there are often components mounted on the top of pole: led light fixtures, solar panels, and sometimes batteries as well, there is more weight to bear comparative to common poles. 

On some modern designs, like the vertical solar pole light,  all of the PV panels and electronic components are integrated into the pole itself. The resistance to the wind is an important factor we need to take into consideration. The upper and bottom diameter,  wall thickness, and material type determine the strength of poles.

diagram of solar street lights

Chapter 5

Led Solar Street Light Types

     1.Central powered type led solar street light 

In these systems, a number of solar panels are installed at a separate location and serve as a power source for all the street lights in an area. This type of solar street lighting system is mainly implemented on the street where existed AC street lights that were powered by the utility grid before, in order to reduce the cost of modification works, they install a large solar power system to centrally power all the led street lights.

     2. Stand-alone type led solar street light

 Each light has its own components(solar panel, battery, controller), making it independent from other lights on the street. The stand-alone type solar street light includes the below 4types :

     1)  All-in-one type led solar street lights
The all-in-one type of solar street lights is becoming increasingly popular because of their compact design, which incorporates all the essential parts in a compact unit, including the lithium battery that with smaller size.

Led solar street light all in one
all in three solar street light 150w hp

2) All-In-Three / Split-type led solar street light 
The Split-type solar street light is conventional light with a solar panel mounted on top of the pole, its battery is placed underground or hung on the pole.

   3) All-in-two type led solar street light
All-in-two type solar street light is refer to a solar street lamp system that combines the battery and controller in a light fixture but mounts the solar panel on top of poles.

all in two solar street lights details
solar integrated lighting column removebg preview

   4) Integrated solar pole  light
Integrated solar pole light is a newly designed decorative solar street light, it with a vertical solar wrap on the pole instead mount a flat panel on the pole top, it’s more esthetical. 

   5) Wind solar hybrid street light 
Wind solar hybrid street light is also named wind turbine powered street light, which is a type of street light powered by solar and wind energy. There is a wind turbine fixed on the pole top while the solar panel moves downward. 

wind solar hybrid street light for highway
ac dc hybrid solar street lights

6) AC/DC hybrid solar led street light
AC/DC hybrid solar street light is refer to the solar street lantern connecting to grid power as a compliment. We may not consider the battery capacity for backup days when configuring this solar and utility power hybrid street light.  Once the power from the battery is not enough to have lights working a whole night, the system will automatically switch to the AC grid power. An extra led driver is requested to convert  AC to DC.  

Chapter 6

Solar Led Street Light Installation And Maintenance

The led solar street lights are extremely easy to install. In most cases, only simple hand tools are needed to assemble the solar light components. We usually offer detailed solar street light installation instructions and videos for reference. 

For larger projects, we can provide onsite installation training and technical assistance.

For better wind resistance, we recommend using concrete foundations for solar lights. We provide the anchor that is necessary to build the foundations and can offer suggestions on the best size based on the customers’ wind resistance requirements.

The led solar street lights are designed to be essentially maintenance-free. In certain regions with extreme conditions, however, some level of maintenance is required to ensure the proper function of the solar-powered road lights. 

These regions are typically where there is a risk of dust, snow, or ice covering the solar panels and thus reducing the power of the lights. In regions with frequent rain, the tilt angles of the solar panels allow for self-cleaning of dust. However, in places where rain is infrequent, periodic manual cleaning of the solar panels may be required, alternatively, instal the newly designed self-cleaning solar street light that is equipped with an auto-cleaning dust system. 

Typical maintenance schedule:

 Every Week: Inspect street lights to ensure all the lights are working. If there are lights which are not lit, perform analysis to understand the cause and conduct repairs.

 Every Two Months: Inspect street light panels and clean ones which are covered with dust or sand. The best way to clean the panels is with a brush at the end of a long pole. Cares should be taken to avoid damaging the solar panels.

Chapter 7

Consideration When Buying Solar Led Street Light

As the led solar street light system is always configurated according to the actual situation or clients’ requirements, the led solar street light price is related to the configuration. There are several factors that need to consider when making a solar street lighting solution :   
 1. The type of road (main road, secondary road, suburban road, country road, community).

2. The width of the road . What is the width of the road where you are going to put the led solar street lights? We work as a solar light pole supplier will calculate the pole height in need as per the formula. Alternatively, you could directly inform the pole height that shows in the bidding document. The relation among pole height(A), Road With(B), Light Source Height(C):
Pole Height=0.8times Width of Road
Pole Spacing=3-4times Height of Pole

3. The sites of installation. Determine the average solar radiation of the installation site to calculate the size of the required solar panel. In light of weather and geological conditions, then recommend the size of the foundation, estimate the diameter and wall thickness of the pole.

4.The lighting time is required every day. The typical lighting time is 12hours each night.

5.The number of continuous rainy days for normal lighting.  We need to know how many longest rainy/cloudy days will it last in one year. How many rainy/cloudy days does the customer expect the solar street lights to work through continuously?

Chapter 8

How To Choose The Right Solar Panel Street Light Pole

The poles act as connectors that hold and secure the other components of the solar road lighting system, so the poles you choose must be strong enough to support these solar street lights. As well as that the pole height certain determines the illumination area on the ground, solar light pole price is various from the material type, height, thickness, and diameter of the posts. Based on the project budget, it’s very important to choose the right pole for your solar street lamp project.

1. Height Of Led Solar Street Light Poles

Generally, for rural roads, solar-led street lights with a height of 5-6m are recommended, and the space between two poles at 20meter or around, so that to meet a requested average illumination of 5-10lx. While those with a height of 6-12m are used for dual-lane Urban roads with busy traffic flow and request higher illumination, Spacing of 25-35 meters or so, the average illumination in 8-20lx, part of the highway or the main road will be higher.

After getting the road width by measure, you can roughly calculate the pole height and Pole spacing via the below formula: 

Pole Height=0.8times Width of Road
Pole Spacing=3-4times Height of Pole

Or calculate according to the relation among pole height(A), Road With(B), Light Source Height(C):

how to calculate the height of light pole

2. Material Of Led Solar Street Light Poles 

There are four types of material for solar led street lamp poles:

  • Q235 Steel pole
  • Aluminum alloy pole
  • Stainless steel pole
  • FRP composite pole 

Q235 steel is the typical material for street light poles due to the low price comparative to the other three types of material.   Since this material’s corrosion resistance is poor, its surface will be galvanized in order to increase its corrosion resistance.

There is two galvanizing treatment:

  •  Hot-dip galvanizing
  • Cold-dip galvanizing

Compared to cold-dip galvanizing, the hot-dip galvanizing light pole is better at preventing corrosion. This is why it is recommended to purchase a light pole treated in this manner.  

Additionally, stainless steel and FRP exhibit excellent corrosion resistance. Unfortunately, these two types of light poles are more expensive. Optimally, customers should select a pole that is within their budget.

3. Diameter and Wall Thickness of Solar Street Lights Poles

Wind resistance and load-bearing capacity of led solar street lights may be affected by the diameter thickness of the pole. So, it is important to determine the wall thickness based on the size and weight of the solar street lamp parts. Typically, 3~5m street lights must have a wall thickness of at least 2.5mm, 6~10m street lights must have a wall thickness of 3~4mm, and 12~15m high street lights must have a wall thickness of at least 5mm. The wall thickness of the light pole needs to be thicker if the solar street light is installed in areas with heavy snow and strong typhoons. 

In short, led solar street light price with pole may be what you are concerned about, the height and strength of led solar street light poles need to be considered.  For every street lamp, the pole height depends on the road width, choose the right height to assure illumination efficiency.  Make sure the pole is strong enough to resist wind, and choose the poles with the right thickness and diameter,  of which both determine the price of the solar street light pole. Avoid buying a cheap street light pole for the sake of saving money, since they may pose safety risks.

Chapter 9

What to Look for in a Led Solar Street Lights Supplier / Manufacturer

Unique Design
An innovative supplier of Solar Lights continuously launches new products with unparalleled design.  In addition, the manufacturer maintains a large inventory, which ensures that the needed part is available at any time.

DIALux Simulation Support
  A professional and efficient solar-powered outdoor street lights supplier is able to offer free Lighting Design Simulation for your project in time. That’s helpful for you to win more bidding. 

A reliable supplier or manufacturer of solar led street lights ought to be certified. The products available have passed rigid regulations, which means they are of top quality.  Certification signifies that the work area has been evaluated according to the governing body’s requirements. 

After-Sales Service
Led Solar Street Lights need repairs if any faults are there. A great commercial solar street led light supplier should give after-sales services and provide technical support.

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