All-In-One Solar Street Lights

All-In-One Solar Street Lights

All-In-One Solar Street Light refers to the latest generation of solar-led street lights consisting of one luminaire integrated with solar panels, batteries, controllers, and LED lights.  This integrated solar street light features a compact design and can easily be mounted on a pole top. The completed solar motion sensor light can be packed in one box, so it’s very convenient for delivery and reducing shipping costs. Moreover, the main components of integrated solar street lights are connected during manufacturing, so there are no cables to run during installation. Traditional lighting has reached its end of development, which has made solar road lighting one of the inevitable trends! Nowadays, more and more solar highway lighting systems are transferred to All-In-One type solar street lights.

Leading All-In-One Solar Street Lights Manufacturer In China

As a top leading and MNRE approved solar street light manufacturer, SLD is dedicated to the application of solar lighting. The 1st generation SL series classical All In One solar street lights was launched in 2010,  we are proud of the biggest integrated solar street light produced by us in 2012 for the project in Jordan, and then become the most favored model to light up African countries.  For recording this campaign and motivating innovation, we keep the SL series though it became a public model.   The 2nd generation SSL series smart All In One solar street light developed along with intelligent control system initially used for a large project municipal solar street lights project.  SLA series powerful solar street light as an alternative to SSL series with integrated molding and high brightness.  The SLL series integrated street light is with hollow design and it is available to be equipped with a bifacial solar panel. 

As well, SLD solar lighting developed the affordable SL05 series compact solar street lights that are designed with a die-cast aluminum frame and with an invented special lens to gain wider application.

SLD offers different types of AIO solar street lights :

commercial solar street light all in one

SSL Series

SSL series smart solar street light is positioned for the high-end market. Use the super brightness 5050 LED chip, > 220 lumen/W, life span>100000hour. Use High-Efficiency (>24%) Monocrystalline solar panel to get more power, A-grade Lithium Iron Phosphate battery(LiFePo4) with long life and high capacity to ensure life span reach to 10years. Drawer-type battery box( pull /push), easy for battery replacement. IOT Smart control system for selection, remote controlling, make the real intelligent lighting.Lights can be operated from PC end.

Sld Sl 340 40w

SL Series

SL series Classical model all in one solar street light features a holding arm to connect the lamp’s body and pole. It’s well-favored and keep on the best-selling lines since launched in 2010. Implement the super brightness CREE 3030 LED chip, > 180 lumen/W, High-Efficiency Mono solar panel generate more power for illumination.The SL series solar street lights can be hoop-mounted on various types of poles or directly fixed to the wall. It Doesn't need to connect cables, installation is convenient; safe and reliable.

sealf cleaning solar street lights

SLA-C Series

SLA-C series self-cleaning integrated solar street light made of high strength entirety aluminum alloy profile, gorgeous and durable, Using alloy material as the main body structure has good performance on Anti-rust and anti-corrosion. Implement the super brightness CREE 3030 LED chip, > 180 lumen/W, High-Efficiency Mono solar panel generate more power for illumination. Brand new quality LiFePO4 battery gives stable and durable performance. Patented Lens, Professional street light illumination distribution, batwing type.

k2 series integrated in one solar street lights

K2 Series

K2 Series compact solar street light equipped with a specially designed lens with 90-degree beam angle, that’s good for concentrating light onto the road and improving the illuminance efficiency. Dia-casting allnuminum frame integrated with max 100W mono solar panel . Implement the super brightness Bridgelux 5050 LED chip, The K2 solar street lamp with an adjustable angle connector is suitable for 2 installation types: pole top-mounting, lamp arm mounting. Snap-Type battery box design, convenient for battery and controller maintenance


All You Need To Know About Al-In-One Solar Street Lights

All In One solar street lights is known as solar street light with an inbuilt lithium-ion battery. Lithium batteries could fit into a slim light fixture because of their lightweight and small size, which they had not previously had, but lead acid or gel batteries had difficulty doing so. 

 Advantages of All In One solar street light 

  • Compact design and can easily be mounted on a pole top. 
  • Easy delivery and installation with all-in-one packaging
  • Energy savings with PIR motion sensors  

 Disadvantages of All In One solar street light 

  • Solar panel wattage is restricted by lamp frame size.
  • The tilt of the solar panel is not adjustable.
  • Solar panels cannot face south while ensuring light on the road.

Because of these limitations, led solar integrated lamps are recommended to use in low latitudes (0°-25° north latitude or south latitude). In low latitudes areas, solar illumination is sufficient, and there is no need to adjust the tilt of the solar panels, all the disadvantages can be covered in these areas.  

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Why Choose All In One Solar Street Light From SLD?

“ All-In-One compact design and no needing for cables connection, extremely easy for installation” is the core advantage of All In One Solar Street Light. Learn how SLD keeps its market leadership for solar lighting with the following advancements in solar technology.
Long Lifecycle LiFePO4 Battery

Use of long life and high capacity lithium Iron Phosphate battery(LiFePo4), ensure life span to 8years.In-ground solution and on–pole solutions are available. Completely maintenance-free.Environmental & Non–pollution

High Brightness LED

Super brightness 5050 LED chip , inside for low light decay,> 220 lumen/W, life span>100000hours.Up to 70% energy saving with full compliance to road lighting safety standards compared to HPS & MH

High-Efficiency Solar Panels

Quality solar cells with high solar energy conversion up to 24%.  Transparent low-iron tempered glass andanodized aluminum frame to ensure modules working in extreme outdoor environment. Lifespan up to 25years. 90% power output for 10years, and 80% power output for 25years.

All-In-One Design

All the components are integrated into an aluminum frame box. Don’t need to connect cables, installation is convenient; Waterproof structure, safe and reliable; IP65 

Excellent BMS

Each battery comes with a BMS(battery management system ), In order to maximize the battery’s capacity, and to prevent localized under-charging or over-charging, the BMS may actively ensure that all the cells .BMS may monitor the state of the battery as represented by various items.

Bat Wing Lens

Patented Lens, Professional street  light illumination distribution, batwing type.Professional 5050 LED Street Light Lens for wider and brighter lighting Waterproof and replaceable LED modular for easy maintenance

IOT Smart Control System

Smart internet systems based on IOT technology,Monitoring the working status for the street lighting system at real-time.Displaying any fault of lighting problem and alarm information.  Electronic map display position control terminal , lights. Lights can be operated, time control , light control, dimming and charging and discharging control , status for the real-time display lights, solar panels , battery information.

Programmeable Solar Controller

MPPT charging mode with high charging efficiency. The work mode can be programmed with remote control from a far place that is less than 8m distance. Three type advanced controllers provide three optimal solar solutions with different functions and costs.

Easy Installation Of All In One Solar Street Light

Solar Street Lights All-In-One from SLD are easy to install. Without needing for trenching or a professional electrician to connecting cables , you can complete the whole installation in 10 minutes with a wrench.

Step 1:To place the light pole into the best spot with ideal daylighting. The light pole should be the length 4-10m depending on your road width, the thickness 2.5~3.5mm with material iron or steel, the suitable pole top diameter range from  70 to 76mm.

Step 2: Fit the bracket connector to the lamp body, then mount the solar street light with poles and fasten it with special screws.

Step 3:Press on the switch button, the solar lamp will start to work, That is all. It is easy to operate without any other operation.

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