All-In-Two Solar Street Lights

All-In-Two Solar Street Lights

All-In-Two Solar Street Lights refers to semi-integrated solar led street light with inbuilt battery, which is a composite of traditional split type solar street light and all in one solar street lamp. Its Lithium battery and controller are built into the led lamp body, so it’s easy to install. The rotatable solar panel with unlimited size ensures maximum power generation.

All-In-Two Solar Street Lights Manufacturer 

 SLD works as an All-In-Two solar street lights manufacturer, we have a professional team and modern production facility to meet your requirements on decorative solar street lights.  For working out the right solution, we often take into account the consumption of electricity by the fixture and the amount of solar radiation available at the installation site.  Considering the extreme weather condition in winter, we usually make the battery backup for 5-7 autonomy days.  

Typically, commercial solar lighting and municipal solar lighting need a high-capacity LiFePO4 battery and a powerful solar panel.  We developed SLX series All In Two solar street lights with a big housing suitable for  60W to 200W.   If the brightest solar street lights in your need request a battery with a bigger capacity of more than 1280WH, maybe you could consider the All-In-Three type, with a separated battery package fixed under the solar panel bracket.   

 SLY  Series is the newest innovative design for residential solar street lighting, Community solar road lighting,  Solar street lighting, solar area lighting, solar pathway lighting, solar garden lighting, solar parking lot lighting

Except for the All-In-One solar street lights, SLD also supplies you with various types of All-In-Two solar street lights: 

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all in three solar street light 150w hp

SLX Series

SLX Series High Power All in Two/Three Solar Street Lights is born with high specifications to meet the request of the government municipal solar street light project. The gigantic battery room on lamp housing makes it possible to accommodate a battery with twice the capacity of the public model on the market. So that provides continuous brightness without dimming or sensor function and longer back up rainy days. A large solar panel with a maximum capacity of 500w is able to charge your device more effectively. Use Bridgelux 5050 LED chip to get 180lm/W overall light efficacy. Since LEDs are not working at full load, light decay is reduced dramatically.

all in two solar powered solar street lights system 副本

SLC Series

The SLC Series All In Two solar street lights with compact design, the rotatable solar panel with adjustable bracket maximizes solar power output. Adjustable connector for led light, easy to adjust up /down ±90° to fit the road with various widths. LiFePO4 Battery Pack with a BMS system, with 3000cycles and lifespan, reach to 10years, the high-temperature resistance up to 70° make it possible to use in any hot weather area. Each led lamp comes with a 2.5mm power cord with MC4 plug connections direct to the solar panel, easier wiring. Each led module is equipped with a specially designed PC lens to get uniform lights distribution and a large illumination area.

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SLY Series

2022 New Arriving All in Two Solar Street Lights Integrated design with inbuilt long lifecycle LiFePO4 battery, it is a perfect replacement for traditional solar street lights that were installed several years ago. Easy for installation with excellent performance. Take the led light module, the solar charge controller, and the lithium battery built-in lamp head, and thread single wire with plug for simple connecting with solar panel. The SLY series All-In-Two solar street lights implement high brightness 3030 or 5050 led chip, overall light efficiency reach to 160lm/W the thick die-casting aluminum light body is so strong to hold a heave battery and good at wind-resistance.


Know More About All-In-Two Solar Street Lights

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All-In-Two solar street lights with integrated design as well, all the solar system components are combined in two bodies,  battery and solar charge controller are built in a lamp housing, while the solar panels are separately mounted on pole top.

  • Compared to the traditional solar street light: The Installation Process is more simple and transportation is easier, lifespan is longer, replacement cost is lower.  
  • Compared to All-In-One solar street lights Its Solar panels and LED lamps can be positioned in different directions, so they can satisfy all requirements by adapting to different longitude and latitude countries.  

The typical work mode is timing dimming, a PIR motion sensor can be equipped as per your requirements.  
In most cases, all-in-two solar street lights are developed for commercial solar lighting projects and municipal engineering lighting projects.

The Application Of All In Two Solar Street Light

All In Two outdoor solar street lights are applicable for 

>>Commercial lighting and Municipal engineering lighting,

>> Highway lighting and main road lighting, Solar lights for roadway

>>Decorative solar street lights for community road lighting 

>>Outdoor lighting for pathways , solar light posts for driveways

>>Residential solar street lights,and industrial lighting.  

Why Choose All In Two Solar Street Lights?

For its Solar panels and LED lamps can be positioned in different directions, so the All-In-Two solar street lights can satisfy all requirements by adapting to different longitude and latitude countries.  

30w 50w all in two solar street lights 副本

Lamp Head With Inbuilt Battery

Lithium battery and controller are built into the lamp body. Easy for installation. Huge room housing for a high-capacity battery to provide enough power for highway lighting.

ratotable solar panel

Rotatable Solar Panel

A rotatable solar panel ensures maximum power generation.  Without limitation on solar panel size, make the solar street lights possible to works at 100% brightness in 12hours.

lifepo4 battery pack

LiFePO4 Battery With BMS

Implement a brand new LiFePO4 Battery with 3000cycles, over 8years lifespan, excellent high-temperature resistance up to 70°.  BMS protects the battery pack from over-heat,over-discharge. 

led module with lens for solar street light all in one

Excellent Light Distribution

With high transmittance PC lens, optimum batwing light distribution ensure large illumination area 

luminous emittance-light distribution

Wide Beam Angle

Rather than focusing on any one area or object, the wide beam travels throughout large spaces and over wide areas.

waterproof plugs

MC4 Waterproof Plug

Connects into solar panel easily with MC4 male and female plugs and 2.5mm power cord for minimum length loss

Easy Installation Of All In Two Solar Street Lights

Solar Street Lights All-In-Two from SLD are easy to install. Without needing for trenching or a professional electrician to connecting cables , you can complete the whole installation in 15minutes with a wrench.

Step 1:To place the light pole into the best spot with ideal daylighting. The light pole should be the length 4-10m depending on your road width, the thickness 2.5~3.5mm with material iron or steel, the suitable pole top diameter range from  70 to 76mm.

Step 2: Fit the lamp head to the arm, then mount the solar panels with poles and fasten them with special screws.

Step 3: Connect the male/female plug on the lamp head and the solar panel. Cover the solar panel with something and the light start to work.  

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We supplied thousands of solar street lighting systems for the UNHCR project in past years.

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