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SLD is dedicated to producing innovative and top-rate solar light products applicable 

commercial solar street lighting and municipal solar street lighting projects.

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As a leading manufacturer specializing in solar street lighting products. SLD is always dedicated to delivering innovative solar street lighting solutions that proliferate energy efficiency and demand reduction. The company’s mission is to improve the quality of life through sustainability and better light.

Sited in Guangzhou, which is one of the biggest cities in China, with almost 250 skilled workers, and 8,000m2 plant to fulfill our customers’ requires for fast delivery.

We are an agile, resourceful player that is big enough to deliver on large-scale municipal solar street lighting projects, yet small enough to focus on flexibility and care to meet all your needs for outdoor lighting. 

SLD solar street lighting
solar street lighting design

Our Capabilities

>>High performance, high quality products

>>Superb customer service and support

>>State-of-the-art manufacturing

>>Exquisite design and precise engineering

>>Innovative solutions for energy-savings, demand reduction, and functionality

>>Certifications for performance and safety

Numbers We Are Proud Of

Solar street lighting business is never easy, but we have enough confidence in our products, and these figures witness our development in the international market, would you like to be our business partner?


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Let SLD boost your business today!

SLD has been in the business of solar street lighting in China for 12 years, let a true industry veteran provide you with high-quality solar power street light.

Superior Quality, Design, and Performance of Solar Street Lighting

SLD Solar Lighting delivers products that improve the quality and functionality of solar street lighting

Energy Efficiency

At the core of SLD ’s mission is the proliferation of solar street lighting technology. By promoting solutions that push the boundaries of efficiency. SLD believes it can make a positive change for the future. 

Smart Controls

Going beyond mere efficiency, SLD solar street lighting system integrates advanced IPM ( Intelligent Power management) and sensors to achieve the whole system works 12hours * 365 throughout the year.

Lighting Quality

In addition to reducing energy consumption, the company strives to deliver better quality solar street lighting products. SLD continually explores how improved quality solar led street light can positively impact people 

Advanced Technology

 SLD is a leading innovator in the solar street lighting industry. The company has the most professional R&D team, through the years of technical innovation and customer feedback, SLD has developed its patent technology on smart control systems,  self-cleaning systems.  

IOT Intelligent Management System

Intelligent Management System (IOT System) provided with link-able Communication between each Solar LED Street Light that can be accessed via LORA or ZIGBEE and GPRS.

Through the solar street lighting intelligent management systems and wireless control module on the street unified management, achieve the lighting remote monitoring, real-time monitoring, intelligent control, energy-saving performance.

Self-Clean System

The dust cover on the solar panel would reduce the power generation efficiency. So we need to regularly clean the solar panel after installation. But it’s difficult to clean the single solar panel installed on a high solar street light pole.

The automatic cleaning system is the best solution, no need to pay extra cost for cleaning dust while keeping the solar panel at high efficiency.  The system is powered by a solar panel and automatically cleans the solar panel in the morning and afternoon.   

Factroy View

SLD designs and manufactures high-quality led solar street lighting products with performance and reliability in mind. Sited in Guangzhou, set up factories and offices in Shenzhen, Zhongshan. Large Manufacturing Scale and Delivery Time Shortening. We can offer ODM and OEM services as per your specific requirements,  customize the solar applications and outdoor LED lighting products.

Let SLD speed your business decisions!

At SLD, we have 24 hours of online communication methods. You can contact us by email, Skype, Whatsapp, Wechat, or even a phone call! Besides the good customer service and communication skills of our sales team, they also have a strong technical background which allows them to answer most of your technical questions quickly without needing to get back to our technical team. This will bring you convenience and speed in your business decisions. Leave your message for further assistance, we are here for you 24x7!

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 Any requests or questions about products or others are welcome. Our experienced consultants will contact you in 12hours and help you with price and shipping calculations, and they can also work out a lighting solution for you.

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