Wholesale solar power led street light at factory price SLD-SL-340 40W

The classical 40W all in one solar street light with PIR sensor, and automatically turn on and off. Brand new integrated solar power led street light 40W solar street light, which insure that it can produce enough energy for the lamp every day.

Additional information

Model No


Battery Type

LiFePO4 battery

Power of PV module


Working Time

12hours lighting time per night

Installation Height


Product Details:

Brand new integrated solar power led street light40W solar street light, which insure that it can produce enough energy for the lamp every day.

Secondly, high lumen LED chips provide solar pv led street light supper brightness.

Thirdly, the human body sensor helps us to adjust the lamp smartly, so that more energy are saved. What is more, the battery built-in is lithium battery, which enjoys longer lifespan and it is more environmentally friendly.

Product Data

SLD-SL-340 40W All In One Solar Street Light


Light Source 40W  Bright LED Chip
PV Power 18V 60W Mono solar cells
Battery 12.8V 27Ah (LiFePO4)
Human Body Sensing  


Overload Protection yes
All Bright 4800-5200lm
Energy Saving 1600-1730lm
Viewing Angle 120°
Color Temperature 3000-3500k/6000-6500k
Charge time 7-8H
Working Time Bright mode ≥10hrs
Dim mode ≥24 hrs
Working temperature Charging temperature -20℃~+60℃
Discharging temperature -20℃~+60℃
Storage temperature -20℃~+45℃
Degree of protection IP65
The installation of a height   range is recommended 7~8m
The distance of installation 15m to 25m
Product size/Packing size 1170*360*43mm / 1215*410*210   mm (1pcs)
Net Weight/Gross Weight 18.5kg/ 19.5kg
Packing quantity 1set/carton
Gross Weight per carton 18.2kg/8.6kg/3.1kg/6.05kg
Loading Quantity 255sets/20GP   530sets/40GP

Product Details

①Solar Panel
The solar panel we used for integrated solar led street light is improted from American,very high efficency and environment friendly.Solar panel turns the solar energy into DC electricity in battery during the day time,and when the night comes,the battery will light up the lamps.

②Lithium Iron Battery
We use lithium iron battery for our integrated solar led street light,it has advantages of smallest size,like the cell phone’s battery,most high efficency and long life span.


The light can work full automatically controlled by the infrared body sensor.It would be on full energy mode when people pass throught and on energy saving mode when they walked away.

④MPPT Controller
The multifunctional controller of solar pv led street light, can be set up.And it has circuit protection,like overcharge, discharge, short circuit, open load, lightning protection and other functions.




Integrated solar street light will be the best solar street light for garden, parking lot, country road and some living area etc.

Integrated solar street light is the best choice for your house pathway, it can be your home guard,  it will navigate for you forever.

Happiness is to find an integrated solar street light who can give you warm and share your life together.  The integrated solar street light will light up forever the sun goes down, and it will stand silently by the side when the sun rise and the world turn warm.
The integrated solar street light is simple and pure, it will give you bright and encourage you to fight whenever.

Elegant, simple and professional 40W solar street light is popular in the park also, it saves space for installing.



1.Can it be exposed to the sun and rain?A:Yes,our lamps are with IP65 protection.It will working good outdoor.

2.Is it bright enough?
A:Our lamps power ranges from 15w to 70w or more,we can customize the solution for your project.

3.Can it work without sunshine?
A:Our solar energy street light can work 8-10 hours per night,it is designed with excellent solar cells,they can still charge the battery in cloudy days without sunshine,but the lighting time may be influencedy by rainy weathers.


4.Is it durable?
A:Our solar panel is with 25 years lifespan,lamp enjoy 10 years lifespan or more,the battery can work for 5-7years(can be replaced)

5.Daily maintenance required?
A:Our solar street light can charge the battery during day time,and it will turn on at night antomatically,without huamn intervention.But you need to clean the panel regularly,in order to ensure the efficency

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