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Integrated Solar Pole Light

Integrated solar pole light is a solar street light system with a solar wrap on its pole. The solar panel module is placed vertically around the lamp pole. With the aesthetic design, the solar wrap street light is more beautiful. The vertical mounting makes the daily cleaning of the solar panel more simple.

The Integrated solar pole lights have the following advantages over traditional street lights

Intuitive design 
This system integrates the solar panels vertically with the pole, instead of placing them at the top, which makes the whole system extremely simple and modern-looking.

Anti-Snow & Dust 
With solar panels mounted vertically on a pole, dust or snow cannot easily attach to the panels, reducing the need for solar panel cleaning, ensuring the solar street light normally work on snowy days.

All Day Charging 
Solar panels are mounted tightly on a hexagonal or round frame. In this way, half of the solar panels can be exposed to sunlight at any time.

High Wind Resistance 
Solar panels with cylindrical designs reduce wind resistance areas, making them suitable for locations with high winds



All You Need To Know About Integrated Solar Pole Light

Integrated Solar pole lights are one type of solar street light powered by vertical solar panels that are integrated into the pole itself. The solar panel charges batteries during the day, which powers a LED lamp at night. Some Integrated solar pole lights also have a human sensor that turns the light on when it detects motion.

 Advantages of  Integrated Solar Pole Lights

  • Integrated pole-mounted solar PV lighting systems are more wind-resistant, reducing wind loads and reducing the need for additional pole foundations.

  • The photovoltaic surfaces are also less likely to accumulate dirt, resulting in less frequent cleaning and easier maintenance.
  • The vertical solar can be easily installed both new and existing poles, especially suitafor retrofit projects.
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What Are Integrated Solar Pole Lights Used For?

The Vertical solar PV pole LED light system provides energy-efficient lighting without relying on standard utility power. These solar wrap poles provide security, sustainability, and maintenance-free green solutions.

And can be installed on streets, parking lots, access lanes, roadways, highways, freeways, neighborhood streets, and rural roads.

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