8 Best Solar Flood Lights For Home Security (2024 Version)  

8 best solar flood lights for home security (2023 version)

Are you looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to improve the security of your home? Solar flood lights are a great option! They have become increasingly popular as homeowners seek out solutions that are easy to use, eco-friendly, and budget-friendly. Not only do they provide ample lighting and numerous options in terms of brightness, but solar powered flood lights offer an added layer of protection against intruders or other outdoor hazards. In this blog post, we’ll be diving into the features and benefits of the 8 best solar flood lights outdoor for home security on the market today. Learn more about how these can benefit your home’s safety and keep unwanted visitors away!

What are Solar Flood Lights, and Why Are They Popular?

Solar powered flood lights are a powerful form of lighting that is designed to illuminate a wide area with high-intensity artificial light. These lights are perfect for your lighting needs if you want to light up large areas such as sports fields, stadiums, parking lots, and concert stages. 

LED flood lights are solar powered security lights for enhancing the outdoor security of both commercial and residential properties. With their bright illumination, they serve as an effective deterrent against criminal activities, providing you with peace of mind.

Solar floodlights are outdoor lighting fixtures that use solar panels to generate electricity from sunlight, stored in rechargeable batteries. This stored energy is then used to power the lights at night. 

In recent years there are several reasons why solar flood lights have gained popularity. Some of them are:

●Environmentally friendly: One of the most significant reasons for the popularity of solar flood lights is their environmentally friendly nature. They rely on renewable energy from the sun, which means they do not produce harmful emissions that could harm the environment.

●Cost-effective: Solar flood lights do not require any electricity to operate, which makes them cost-effective in the long run. Once installed, they only require sunlight to recharge the battery, eliminating the need for costly electrical bills.

●Easy installation: Solar flood lights are easy to install, and most models come with installation instructions. They do not require any wiring, making the installation process simple and straightforward.

●Versatility: Solar flood lights can be used for a wide range of applications, including outdoor lighting for commercial and residential properties, security lighting, and accent lighting for landscapes and outdoor features.

●Low maintenance: Once installed, solar flood lights require little to no maintenance. Most models are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, and the solar panels are self-cleaning, which means there is no need for manual cleaning.

8 Best Solar Outdoor Flood Lights That You Can Buy in 2023

Over the years, more manufacturers have developed new designs that are easy to install. Hence, it is ideal to provide you with a list of the suitable ones for your projects. Adequate research has been carried out in the lighting market, and the eight most sought-after models in the market are discussed below.

High brightness: SLD-SF02 Solar Bright Flood Light With Remote Control 

The SLD-SF02 solar bright flood light is a powerful outdoor lighting solution that can illuminate your large space with its high brightness output. It is designed to withstand unexpected storms with its intelligent light control, waterproofing, and anti-thunder capabilities. These outdoor solar flood lights feature a full-power LED chip and premium SMD 5050 LEDs. It also comes with a durable, brand-new LiFePO4 battery with a long life cycle.

SLD-SF02 Solar Bright Flood Light With Remote Control 
SLD-SF02 Solar Bright Flood Light With Remote Control 

Equipped with 100 high-quality 5050LED chips, the SLD-SF02 provides a cool white light that is perfect for all your outdoor activities at night. It boasts 2000 lumens of brightness, making it one of the brightest solar flood lights you can find on the market. This solar flood light has a high conversion rate solar panel, which means it charges quickly and efficiently during the day and provides an average of 8–10 hours of illumination at night.

The SLD-SF02 also comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the brightness and set the lighting mode from a distance. It has four lighting modes: full brightness, half brightness, 3/5/8 hour timing, and five brightness adjustments. The remote control is easy to use and has a range of up to 16 feet.

Why Consider SLD-SF02:

●High brightness with premium SMD 5050 LED, 

●The SLD-SF02 is built to withstand harsh weather conditions with its IP65 waterproof rating. 

●It has a heat-resistant, anti-corrosion aluminum alloy frame and a tempered glass cover that can withstand heavy rain, snow, and other extreme weather conditions.

Top Pick: Sunforce 82183 – 180 LED Solar Motion Light

The Sunforce 82183-180 led solar motion light is our top pick for the best solar motion light in 2023. This solar motion flood light features 180 LED bulbs that provide bright and efficient lighting for outdoor spaces. It is an ideal choice if you are looking to increase the security and safety around your property while saving on energy costs.

Sunforce 82183 - 180 LED Solar Motion Light
Sunforce 82183 – 180 LED Solar Motion Light

One of the standout features of the Sunforce 82183 is its motion sensor. The motion sensor is a crucial component of any solar flood light, as it helps you conserve battery life and ensures that the light only turns on when you need it. 

In addition, the Sunforce 82183 has a wide-angle motion sensor that can detect movement up to 30 feet away, making it a great choice for illuminating large areas such as driveways, yards, and walkways.

You can easily install the Sunforce 82183 because it comes with mounting hardware and can be easily attached to any outdoor surface, such as a wall or fence. The solar panel is also adjustable, allowing for optimal sun exposure and ensuring that the battery is charged fully for maximum operation time.

Positive Reviews of Sunforce 82183:

In less than 6 months, the Sunforce 82183 has gained up to 744 positive ratings globally. Most users testify that the motion sensor works perfectly and the light is very bright. Some said it exceeded their expectations because it is easy to install and provides excellent illumination. In addition, many are also wowed by the light’s capacity to cover a wide area, which makes it perfect for illuminating large outdoor spaces.

Why Consider Sunforce 82183:

●High brightness with up to 180 LED bulbs

●Very sensitive motion sensor

●Adjustable Solar Panel

Drawbacks of Sunforce 82183:

●No warranty

Best Budget: LITOM Original Solar Lights Outdoor

If you’re on a budget and looking for an affordable yet reliable solar flood light, the LITOM Original Solar Lights Outdoor is an option to consider in 2023. This solar flood light offers an excellent combination of affordability and features that makes it a great option for homeowners who want to enhance security and safety around their property.

LITOM Original Solar Lights Outdoor
LITOM Original Solar Lights Outdoor

This solar security light with a motion sensor can detect movement up to 26 feet away, making it ideal for illuminating driveways, yards, and walkways. With its wide-angle range of 120 degrees, it can also detect movement from multiple directions. In terms of battery life, the LITOM Original Solar Lights Outdoor has a 2200mAh lithium-ion battery that can provide up to 24 hours of illumination on a single charge.

Installation of the LITOM Original Solar Lights Outdoor is straightforward and does not require any wiring or electrical work. The light comes with mounting hardware and can be easily attached to any outdoor surface, such as a wall or fence.

The LITOM Original Solar Lights Outdoor is also easy to use and comes with three different lighting modes that you can choose from depending on your needs. The modes include:

●The dim light mode, 

●The medium light mode, and 

●The high light mode

Positive Reviews of  Litom Original Solar Lights Outdoor:

Many users believe the battery life of this light is exceptional. Also, hundreds of homeowners commend the sensitivity of the motion sensors.

Why Consider LITOM:

●It is affordable

●Long-lasting battery life

●Very sensitive PIR motion sensor

Drawbacks of LITOM:

The brightness of the light may not be sufficient for larger outdoor spaces, and multiple lights may be required for adequate illumination.

Best for Security: Aootek New Upgraded LED Solar Lights

The Aootek New Upgraded solar security light is highly recommended for homeowners looking for super bright and reliable lights to install around their houses, especially for security purposes. These solar security lights are designed with reflective structures that help to reduce lighting loss and increase the overall brightness of the light produced. 

Aootek New Upgraded Solar Lights
Aootek New Upgraded Solar Lights

One of the standout features of the Aootek New Upgraded Solar Lights is its built-in PIR motion sensor, which can detect motion up to 8 m/26 ft. The motion sensor is very sensitive and can detect even the slightest movements. When the motion sensor is triggered by an object passing, it automatically turns on the light and then turns it off after 15 seconds. 

The light also has a built-in 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery that can provide up to 24 hours of illumination on a single charge. The reflective structures in the Aootek New Upgraded Solar Lights also help to increase the overall lifespan of the battery by reducing the amount of light lost during the lighting process.

The flush-mount installation type of the Aootek New Upgraded Solar Lights is a key feature that adds to the versatility and usability of the lights. It allows for easy installation and attachment to a wide range of outdoor surfaces, while also allowing for easy adjustment of the lighting angle and direction. This makes the Aootek New Upgraded Solar Lights a highly effective and customizable solution for illuminating outdoor spaces.

Positive Reviews of Aootek New Upgraded Solar Lights:

Since its launch four years ago, Aootek’s New Upgraded Solar Lights have received over 38,000 customer reviews and ratings globally. Many believe the light works well; it’s super bright and easy to install.

Why Consider Aootek:

●Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

●Up to 12 hours of operation on a single charge

●Weather-resistant, with a waterproof rating of IP65

Drawbacks of Aootek:

No warranty

Best for Large Areas: RuggedGrade High Power Solar Motion Sensor Light

The RuggedGrade High Power solar motion sensor light is a powerful and durable outdoor lighting solution that is designed to provide reliable illumination and security for a variety of outdoor spaces. One of the key features of this light is its four different modes, which allow you to customize the level and duration of illumination based on your specific needs.


RuggedGrade High Power Solar Motion Sensor Light
RuggedGrade High Power Solar Motion Sensor Light

The solar panel on the RuggedGrade light is a high-capacity 5 watts, which ensures that the device can charge quickly and efficiently even in low light conditions. These lights come with a 10wattt capable of producing up to 1000 lumens of bright white light at a color temperature of 5000K. 

The RuggedGrade light also features a built-in motion detector (PIR), which triggers the light to move from 10% brightness to full when motion is detected in your environment. This allows the light to help you conserve energy when no movement is detected, while still providing bright and effective illumination when it is needed.

The housing materials on the RuggedGrade light are made from aluminum alloy and toughened glass, providing a durable and weather-resistant structure that is built to last. The light also features an IP65 outdoor rating, making it suitable for use in a wide range of outdoor environments and conditions.

In addition, RuggedGrade High Power Solar Motion Flood Light features a wall mount installation type, which means that it can be easily and securely attached to your outdoor wall or surface. The installation process is simple and straightforward and can be completed with basic tools and hardware.

Positive Reviews of Ruggedgrade High Power Solar Motion Flood Light:

Many users highly recommend this light because they believe it is solidly built and long-lasting. They also believe it is super easy to install and does a decent job.

Why Consider RuggedGrade:

●Uses SMD LEDs for strong light and long life

●IP65 Outdoor Rated. Built to last

●Easily install the flood light and solar panel anywhere in minutes, no need to hire an electrician. 

Drawbacks of RuggedGrade:

●No warranty

●Also, no battery included

Best for Brightness: Westinghouse Solar Security Lights

The Westinghouse 1000 LM Solar Security Flood Light is a modern outdoor light fixture designed for optimal security and illumination. The light fixture is constructed from durable plastic material and is designed in a floodlight style, providing wide-angle illumination for large outdoor spaces.

Westinghouse Solar Security Lights
Westinghouse Solar Security Lights

One of the key features of this light fixture is its motion sensor, which provides additional security by detecting movement and turning on the light automatically. The sensor is sensitive and can detect movement up to 30 feet away, making it an ideal choice for larger outdoor areas.

The Westinghouse 1000 LM Solar Security Flood Light is powered by solar energy, and its 40 LED light sources provide bright and efficient illumination. The solar panel is designed to charge the light quickly and efficiently, even on cloudy days, and the light can provide up to 1000 lumens of brightness for extended periods of time.

The light direction is adjustable, making it easy to direct the illumination where it is needed most. Additionally, the light fixture is designed with an IP65 rating, which means that it is highly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain, wind, and extreme temperatures.

Westinghouse solar flood light is designed for easy and quick installation. With no need for trenching or wiring to an outdoor outlet, it eliminates the hassle of complicated installation processes. 

Positive Reviews of Westinghouse Solar Security Lights:

Thousands of users globally gave positive remarks about Westinghouse. Some were pleasantly surprised by the quality and brightness of this light, and many believe the light is a game-changer for their backyard.

Why Consider Westinghouse:

●Its IP65 water resistance can withstand dust, wind and rain weather conditions.

●Wide 120° detection angle

●Low sunlight charging with an amorphous solar panel.

Drawbacks of Westinghouse:

No warranty

Best For Design: Innogear Flood Lights Outdoor

InnoGear’s solar flood lights outdoor are an excellent choice for you if you are looking for a reliable and efficient dusk-to-dawn lighting solution for your garden or backyard. With a built-in motion sensor and four different working modes, this solar security light with motion sensor is highly customizable to fit your specific needs. 

Innogear Flood Lights Outdoor
Innogear Flood Lights Outdoor

Additionally, the IP65 waterproof and heatproof design makes them a durable and long-lasting option for all your outdoor lighting needs. The smart motion sensor can detect motion up to 16.4 feet, allowing the lights to turn on or get brighter when movement is detected. 

Compared to other solar lights on the market, the monocrystalline silicon solar panel used in these lights provides a higher charging efficiency and solar conversion rate of up to 17%. Equipped with 80 super bright LED beads, these lights can produce up to 450 lumens of high-brightness illumination, making them ideal for both decoration and property protection purposes.

InnoGear Solar Outdoor Lights come with an aluminum mounting pole that eases the installation process and makes it even faster. These lights require wireless installation, but they can also be mounted on walls.

Positive Reviews of InnoGear Solar Gutter Lights:

Several users gave their verdicts on InnoGear Solar Gutter Lights, and they were all positive. Many point out the efficacy of the light, the ease of installation, and its dusk-to-dawn feature.

Why Consider InnoGear:

●The one lithium-ion battery required is included.

●80 Super Bright LEDs

●4 Working Modes

●Waterproof & Heatproof

●Smart Motion Detection

Drawbacks of InnoGear

●No common issues or concerns

Best for Durability: Richarm Solar Flood Lights

If you’re looking for a durable and reliable solar flood light that can provide consistent illumination in any weather condition, the Richarm Solar Flood Lights are an excellent choice. This solar flood light is made of die-cast aluminum, which is known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Richarm Solar Flood Lights
Richarm Solar Flood Lights

These dusk-to-dawn flood lights are built to last, with sturdy and weather-resistant construction that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. They are IP65 waterproof and heat-resistant, which means they can handle rain, snow, and extreme temperatures without getting damaged.

This light comes with a high-efficiency photoelectric solar panel that can convert up to 17% of the sunlight into electrical energy and a 3.7V rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can provide an average of 6–8 hours of continuous illumination.

The Richarm Solar Flood Lights Remote Outdoor includes 2 packs of 112 high-bright output LED lights that provide ultra-bright outdoor illumination for big spaces up to 860 square feet. The lights have a 120-degree beam angle, making them perfect for use as solar flood lights to brighten up big areas like basketball courts, yards, fences, and arenas. 

This solar flood light has multiple installation options, making it versatile and easy to use. The adjustable wall mount bracket allows for installation on a wall as a factory sign light, floodlight, or security light to light up a big area. The 16.4-foot cable makes it easy to mount the lamp in a dark place and the solar panel in a sunny location.

Positive Reviews of Richarm Solar Flood Lights:

Top reviews Globally, hundreds of users see Richarm Solar Flood Lights as a perfect solution to their lighting needs. Many attest to the benefits of the light, such as ease of installation, harsh weather resistance, and it’s super brightness.

Why Consider Richarm:

●Reliable customer service. Instance response to customer questions.

●A rechargeable battery with a 3.7V, 2200mAh capacity is included.

●Made of strong and durable materials such as die-cast aluminum.

Drawbacks of Richarm

●Lithium-ion batteries may require replacement after 2 years.

You can also consider:  SLENPET Outdoor Solar Powered Flood Lights

If you are looking for a reliable light that can serve different lighting purposes, you can consider the SLENPET Solar Flood Light. These solar flood lights are versatile, energy-efficient, and durable outdoor lighting options that are suitable for a range of applications, including home security, landscape lighting, and more.

SLENPET Outdoor Solar Powered Flood Lights
SLENPET Outdoor Solar Powered Flood Lights

The SLENPET Solar Flood Lights features 218 LED lights and provides a bright, 2000LM output with a color temperature of 6500K. The light is designed with three adjustable heads that can be rotated up to 270 degrees, allowing you to customize the direction of the light to suit your needs.

The light also includes a motion sensor that can detect movement up to 26ft away, triggering the light to turn on automatically for 30 seconds when motion is detected. This feature helps to improve energy efficiency, as the light will only turn on when needed.

Why Consider SLENPET:

●It’s super bright with 218 LED beads

●Very strong PIR motion detector

●IP65 Waterproof

●Rotatable Design

Drawbacks of SLENPET

●Batteries not included

10 Factors you must consider before choosing the best solar flood lights

Before you choose a solar flood light for your project, you must consider the factors below:

1. Brightness: The main reason you want to purchase a flood light is to illuminate your environment. Hence, you must be on the lookout for those with high lumens. It’s important that you choose a light that can provide enough brightness to cover your desired area.

2. Battery Life: Look for solar flood lights with long battery life. This ensures that the light will stay on for an extended period of time.

3. Motion Sensor: A motion sensor is a great feature to have in solar flood light. It helps you to conserve energy by only turning on the light when motion is detected.

4. Sensor Range: The sensor range refers to how far the light can detect motion. It’s important to choose a light with a sensor range that covers the desired area.

5. Durability: Lights that can withstand different weather conditions are considered durable. They are often made of high-quality waterproof and heat-resistant materials.

6. Installation: Look for a solar flood light that is easy to install. Some lights come with mounting hardware, while others may require professional installation.

7. Design: The design of the solar flood light should be attractive and match the aesthetics of your home or business.

8. Price: The price of solar floodlights can vary widely. Consider your budget when choosing a light.

9. Customer Reviews: Look for customer reviews to get an idea of the performance and reliability of the solar flood light.

10. Warranty:  Choose a solar flood light with a good warranty to protect your investment.

11. Operating Time:  Consider the operating time of the solar flood light. Some lights may provide up to 12 hours of continuous lighting, while others may only provide a few hours.

12. Light Color:  Consider the color of the light emitted by the solar flood light. Some lights may emit a warm white light, while others may emit a cool white light.

13. Type of Bulbs: The type of bulbs used in the solar flood light can affect the brightness and energy efficiency of the light.

14. Coverage Area: The coverage area of the solar flood light should be large enough to cover the desired area.

15. Additional Features: Look for additional features such as remote control, adjustable heads, and different lighting modes. These features can add to the versatility of the solar flood light.

best solar street light manufacturer in china
best solar street light manufacturer in china


In conclusion, when you invest in the best solar flood lights, you are bringing many benefits to your outdoor space, from added security to enhanced aesthetics. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs. However, by considering the factors discussed in this guide, you can narrow down your choices and make an informed decision.

If you currently have a lighting project that requires reliable solar flood lights, you may consider SLD Solar Lighting. Our products offer excellent lighting quality that can match your budget and provide customer satisfaction. Our main goal is to deliver quality and durable lights that can withstand harsh weather conditions and last for many years. Contact us today, and you will get a quick response for all your consultations through our customer service. You can also choose the solar street light for your security lighting, read more from 10 Best Solar LED Street Lights For Security Lighting.

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