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How Many Lumen Do You Need For Outdoor Lights?

In this article, we will show you how you can use lumens to determine what brightness you need for your outdoor lighting system. we discussed the cost savings you can achieve with LED lighting over traditional lighting.

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In China, the intelligent Solar Street Lights Are Lighting Up The Smart Cities

Smart solar street light, smart lighting, smart city has long been not a new concept, but with the support of the policy, 5G wind, the maturity of technology, smart outdoor lighting will usher in another spring of lighting. Therefore wisdom solar street light 2020 market layout, is bound to be the future of outdoor lighting a precise card layout.

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Cob Led Chip For Solar Street Light
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Which led is better? SMD or COB?

Comparing the advantages mentioned above, it can be seen that COB light source has five advantages over traditional SMD package light source. It has great advantages in light source production efficiency, thermal resistance, light quality, application and cost. The comprehensive cost can be reduced by about 25%, and the device is simple and convenient to use, and the process is simple.

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